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DORA for software delivery
Engineering Analytics

How to Use and Not Use DORA Metrics for Tracking Software Delivery?

Engineering teams know that DORA metrics is the solution, most of them struggle putting DORA into the right use. In this blog, let’s see how to use and not misuse DORA metrics for assessing project progress along with the software development lifecycle.

Sprint Velocity
Engineering Analytics

Sprint Velocity: The Ultimate Guide

Know everything about sprint velocity, its importance in agile planning, and how to measure and visualize velocity for teams.

Software Development Life Cycle Overview
Engineering Analytics

9 Best Practices of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

This article provides an overview of the software development life cycle, its importance and how you can improve your SDLC through best practices.

Why Should Engineering Teams Care About Git Analytics
Engineering Analytics

Why Should Engineering Teams Care About Git Analytics

Git is a version control system used to maintain, share, and collaboratively develop code. Analyzing Git data helps engineering managers to drive actionable insights about dev workflows, and project health.

ClickUp for Software Development Teams
Engineering Analytics

How to Use ClickUp for Software Development Teams

Here’s how software development teams can use ClickUp for better project management

4 key dev-ops metrics to track for improved efficiency and performance
Engineering Analytics

4 Key DevOps Metrics for improved efficiency and performance

Learn how to use DevOps metrics to improve dev team speed, alignment, and efficiency.

Calculate and analyze code churn
Engineering Analytics

How to Calculate and Analyze Code Churn Rate?

Delve into details about code churn metrics, learn how to calculate code churn rate, and how to use the metric to improve dev team performance.

Improve your dev velocity using Dev cycle time metrics
Engineering Analytics

How to use cycle time to improve your dev velocity?

Engineering managers can use the insights from their team’s cycle time metric to improve their velocity. Read how.

Leveraging Engineering Analytics to Drive Developer Well-Being
Engineering Analytics

Leveraging Engineering Analytics for Developers’ Well-Being

SaaS sprawl and lack of visibility into distributed team work activities are challenging developer well-being. Can engineering analytics help EMs drive developer well-being?

Hatica - SPACE developer Productivity
Engineering Analytics

Understanding Developer Productivity using SPACE metrics 

Discover what metrics constitute the SPACE framework and how to use these metrics to  comprehensively understand developer productivity.

DORA Metrics from Hatica
Engineering Analytics

What are DORA Metrics?

What are DORA metrics and how can engineering teams use these metrics to identify high and low performing dev teams? 

Effective Code Review Practices
Engineering Analytics

Effective code review practices for 2022

Code reviews are critical in ensuring code quality and completeness. Tracking these dev metrics can help teams boost the effectiveness and health of their review process.

Code Churn - Part 2
Engineering Analytics

Code churn: An analysis of troublesome workflows and possible countermeasures

Explore potential workflows that cause code churn and discover counter measures that leaders can use to mitigate the impact of churn. 

Code complexity - a comprehensive guide
Engineering Analytics

Code complexity - a comprehensive guide

Understand what complexity in code really is, its business impacts, and how to improve code quality using metrics like code complexity.

Dev Cycle Time - Hatica
Engineering Analytics

Software Development Cycle Time - A deep dive

High cycle time could indicate risks to code quality, delivery and developer experience. Discover the causes and impact of high cycle time and what managers can do about it.

Developer Productivity
Engineering Analytics

The SPACE Framework for Measuring Developer Productivity

SPACE is a framework for measuring and maximizing engineering team productivity. Read how to get a holistic view of your team’s activities using SPACE.

Code Churn
Engineering Analytics

What is code churn?

Code churn indicates how often code changes. High code churn could, at times, be a potential red flag. How to detect unproductive churn and what to do about it?

Maker time - Hatica
Engineering Analytics

Maker’s schedule vs manager’s schedule

Maker’s time is at risk in the modern workplace. Discover how managers can protect makers’ schedules while keeping teams in sync.

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