GitLab via Pat

Gitlab via PAT

Alternate way to connect your Gitlab instance (cloud or on prem) is via a Personal Access Token or PAT.

You can share the following pieces of information with your Customer Success Manager:

  1. Domain or IP address where the Gitlab server is accessible from

  2. personal access token or PAT created in your Gitlab server

Here are the steps to create a Personal access token or PAT: (opens in a new tab)

Scopes required for the PAT are: read_userapi, andread_repository

Its best if the admins of Gitlab generate the PAT since it would provide access to all repositories. If you want to see data for select repos, let us know and we'll consider only those!

If your Gitlab On-prem instance is behind a firewall, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager from Hatica to get a list of Egress IPs to whitelist on your end.