Cycle Time Breakdown

Cycle time breakdown

This represents the breakdown of the dev cycle down to its components which include:

  • Coding time: Time from first commit to opening the PR

  • Review time: Time it takes from PR open to the first review

  • Rework time: Time it takes from first review to merging the PR.

  • Deployment time: Time it takes from merge to deployment.

This comprises of the cycle of updating the PR based on review to getting a followup review up till merging the PR.

App inputs to this metric:

Git/VCS Tools, CI-CD tools

Range points and what they mean:

Thresholds for the steps in cycle time:

  1. Coding time Thresholds: 0-2d (Low), 2d-3d (Medium), >3d (High)

  2. Pickup time Thresholds: 0-1d (Low), 1d-3d (Medium), >3d (High)

  3. Rework time Thresholds: 0-1d (Low), 1d-3d (Medium), >3d (High)

Use cases:

Cycle time breakdown helps visualize the steps in SDLC and identify any steps with bottlenecks.

RCA can be conducted on that step by viewing metrics for the PRs that went into the unusual spike in a cycle time step.

Some more references:

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