Issues without Prs

Issues without PRs

Issues created/completed on Jira that do not have a PR associated with them.

Why Should You Connect PRs with Jira?

Using Jira and GitHub together has many advantages. One of the main benefits of integrating GitHub with Jira is that it allows developers to track their code changes within the context of their Jira tickets making it easier for team members to understand how a project is progressing since they can see which code changes are associated with which Jira tickets. With the integration, developers can link their code commits and pull requests to Jira tickets for tracking and reviewing change requests.

Note: It is possible to link multiple PRs with a single Jira issue.

Another benefit of integrating GitHub with Jira is that it allows teams to automate certain tasks. By setting up automation rules in Jira, teams can automatically move tickets through different stages of the workflow based on the status of corresponding code changes in GitHub. This way, teams can work more efficiently, reduce the risk of human error, keep Jira up-to-date while minimising Developer overhead

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