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Visibility and Sustainable improvement


improvement in Cycle time leading to significant improvement in delivery velocity


improvement in planning and delivery accuracy sprint-over-sprint


improvement in Maker time resulting in improved well-being and drop in employee attrition

How it works

Comprehensive work visibility so you can base your decisions on the whole picture

How it works - Hatica

Align engineering reality with business expectations.
Be on track, sprint after sprint!

Screenshot of Hatica Project Health Dashboard

Project Health

See important metrics about project, engineering, and the sprint in one simplified view

Hatica's Investment Allocation Dashboard

Investment allocation

Understand where your engineers are spending the most time in, and align those efforts with business goals

Planned vs Delivered Work Comparison Dashboard

Planning accuracy

See how much of the work done in the sprint was planned vs how many were actually completed by the end of the sprint

Software Engineering Analytics Dashboard

Software Engineering Analytics

Combine git, project, and collaboration data to get insights into dev workflows to help your engineering teams do their best work

Cycle time metrics

Track Pull Requests broken down into different stages starting with coding to deployment to identify SDLC velocity, bottlenecks in particular steps and PRs, and opportunities for potential improvement

DORA metrics

Measure DevOps performance with metrics including Deployment frequency, MTTR, Change failure rate and Lead time

Code review metrics

Understand important code review metrics like Unreviewed PRs merged, PR size, and others to qualitatively understand the state of code review and collaboration in your teams

Work Insights

Hatica aggregates all work activity and progress within a central dashboard to provide visibility into what your teams are working on and where they are facing problems

Aggregated work explorer

Discover all work activity across git and project management tools alongside metrics to track team progress asynchronously

Automated work updates and async stand-ups

Run automated async stand-ups vis Slack, Email or the Hatica app and be in the loop asynchronously and view them alongside team progress and activity

Review dashboards for Sprints

Identify the wins, the gaps in allocation, progress in goals and use these to have data-driven discussions in sprint retros
Screenshot of Hatica's Central Dashboard
Hatica Collaboration Insight Dashboard

Collaboration insights

Understand and measure how your teams collaborate to build an engaged and cohesive digital workplace.

Maker time metrics

Get insight into how much focus time your team members have to get their work done vs the time spent in jumping between meetings

Quiet days

Identify and prevent always-on culture by gaining visibility into off-work hour meeting times during work days

Meeting time and heatmap

View heatmap of meetings and a breakdown of the types of meetings partaken by your team members in an effort to understand over work, well-being, and more

Hatica integrates seamlessly with all the apps that power your digital workplace

Hatica natively integrates with Git, Project Management, CI/CD tools, Communication tools, and Incident Management tools.

Analytics of Github PRs brought visibility into the health of the team workflows and providing the right, actionable and data driven feedback to engineers from time to time for their growth. It has saved us a lot of time by using feedback based on PRs

Danish Chopra, Chief Technology, CTO and COO @ Amenify

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