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Hatica aggregates activity from all your work apps and builds insights and software engineering dashboards to help teams drive velocity, alignment and well-being

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How it works

Comprehensive work visibility so you can base your decisions on the whole picture

How it works - Hatica

Align engineering reality with business expectations.
Be on track, sprint after sprint!

Project Health

See important metrics about project, engineering, and the sprint in one simplified view

Investment allocation

Understand where your engineers are spending the most time in, and align those efforts with business goals

Planning accuracy

See how much of the work done in the sprint was planned vs how many were actually completed by the end of the sprint

Software Engineering Analytics

Combine git, project, and collaboration data to get insights into dev workflows to help your engineering teams do their best work

Cycle time metrics

Track Pull Requests broken down into different stages starting with coding to deployment to identify SDLC velocity, bottlenecks in particular steps and PRs, and opportunities for potential improvement

DORA metrics

Measure DevOps performance with metrics including Deployment frequency, MTTR, Change failure rate and Lead time

Code review metrics

Understand important code review metrics like Unreviewed PRs merged, PR size, and others to qualitatively understand the state of code review and collaboration in your teams

Work Insights

Hatica aggregates all work activity and progress within a central dashboard to provide visibility into what your teams are working on and where they are facing problems

Aggregated work explorer

Discover all work activity across git and project management tools alongside metrics to track team progress asynchronously

Automated work updates and async stand-ups

Run automated async stand-ups vis Slack, Email or the Hatica app and be in the loop asynchronously and view them alongside team progress and activity

Review dashboards for Sprints

Identify the wins, the gaps in allocation, progress in goals and use these to have data-driven discussions in sprint retros

Collaboration Insights

Understand and measure how your teams collaborate to build an engaged and cohesive digital workplace.

Collaboration Analytics

Data-driven Leadership

Know how your people work, where they invest their time, and what you can do to help them succeed

A better way to send money.


Org-wide workforce and workflow planning

Create a culture of data-driven excellence by aligning effort and investments with business objectives


Team-level process and performance analytics

Accelerate delivery, drive engagement and promote success and team well-being with the help of data-driven insights


Productivity boost with metrics-driven workflows

Access metrics for pull requests, tasks and other work items to be able to cut through the noise and focus on what needs your attention.

Product Highlights

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Delivering actionable insights on productivity, engagement, and well-being for engineering teams in the future of work. Read more →

Developer Productivity: The Secret Sauce to Building Great Dev Teams

Developer Productivity: The Secret Sauce to Building Great Dev Teams

Developer productivity is the amount of quality and reliable software developed efficiently by an engineering team, and depends on code reviews, SDLC flow, team well-being and developer experience. Let's see how great dev teams are formed and why developer productivity matters.

How to Use and Not Use DORA Metrics for Tracking Software Delivery?
Engineering Analytics

How to Use and Not Use DORA Metrics for Tracking Software Delivery?

Engineering teams know that DORA metrics is the solution, most of them struggle putting DORA into the right use. In this blog, let’s see how to use and not misuse DORA metrics for assessing project progress along with the software development lifecycle.

5 Challenges Every Engineering Manager Must Overcome

5 Challenges Every Engineering Manager Must Overcome

Each engineering manager is different, and so are their roles, responsibilities, and ideas to better their teams. However, across the spectrum, here are the common challenges every engineering manager faces as they step up their software journey. 

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