Engineering Analytics to boost developer productivity

Hatica aggregates activity from all your work apps and builds insights and software engineering dashboards to help teams drive velocity, alignment and well-being

Hatica Cycle time dashboard

How it works

Comprehensive work visibility so you can base your decisions on the whole picture

How it works - Hatica

Software Engineering Analytics

Combine git, project, and collaboration data to get insights into dev workflows to help your engineering teams do their best work

Cycle time and code-review metrics

Track Pull requests metrics from open to deployment alongside code-review metrics to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement

DORA metrics

Measure DevOps performance with metrics including Deployment frequency, MTTR, Change failure rate and Lead time

Activity insights

View aggregated activity and metrics in a centralized dashboard from git, project management and CI/CD tools that act as proxy for performance and progress insights

Effort allocation visibility

Get insights into where your engineering teams are allocating their effort to help align them with business goals
Engineering Analytics

Work Insights

Hatica aggregates all work activity and progress within a central dashboard to provide visibility into what your teams are working on and where they are facing problems

Aggregated work explorer

Discover all work activity across git and project management tools alongside metrics to track team progress asynchronously

Automated work updates and async stand-ups

Run automated async stand-ups vis Slack, Email or the Hatica app and be in the loop asynchronously and view them alongside team progress and activity

Review dashboards for better 1:1s

Run data-driven 1:1s with git metrics, insights from collaboration metrics, activity log to help identify problem areas and ensure your team's wellbeing and effectiveness

Progress dashboards for effective retros

Identify the wins, the gaps in allocation, progress in goals and use these to have data-driven discussions in sprint retros
Work Snapshots

Collaboration Insights

Understand and measure how your teams collaborate to build an engaged and cohesive digital workplace.

Collaboration Analytics

Data-driven Leadership

Know how your people work, where they invest their time, and what you can do to help them succeed

A better way to send money.


Org-wide workforce and workflow planning

Create a culture of data-driven excellence by aligning effort and investments with business objectives


Team-level process and performance analytics

Accelerate delivery, drive engagement and promote success and team well-being with the help of data-driven insights


Productivity boost with metrics-driven workflows

Access metrics for pull requests, tasks and other work items to be able to cut through the noise and focus on what needs your attention.

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Delivering actionable insights on productivity, engagement, and well-being for engineering teams in the future of work. Read more →

Leveraging Engineering Analytics to Drive Developer Well-Being
Engineering Analytics

Leveraging Engineering Analytics to Drive Developer Well-Being

SaaS sprawl and lack of visibility into distributed team work activities are challenging developer well-being. Can engineering analytics help EMs drive developer well-being?

Understanding Developer Productivity using SPACE metrics 
Engineering Analytics

Understanding Developer Productivity using SPACE metrics 

Discover what metrics constitute the SPACE framework and how to use these metrics to  comprehensively understand developer productivity.

DORA Metrics
Engineering Analytics

DORA Metrics

What are DORA metrics and how can engineering teams use these metrics to identify high and low performing dev teams? 

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