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Uncover workplace SaaS activity to drive team productivity

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Hatica - Helps you identify patterns of engagement, productivity, burnout, and many more using SaaS data
 🛠  Our key features 

Unified platform to track usage of the SaaS apps your teams use

Discover SaaS apps used across your organization


Connect your SSO, financial and ERP systems to discover what your staff use to get their job done and track the spend in a unified dashboard.

Analyze how your SaaS apps are used and their impact on engagement, productivity and well being.


Connect the discovered apps to get granular view of usage and engagement correlated with organization productivity.

Optimize your SaaS usage to better how your teams work!


Gather insights and uncover opportunities to optimize SaaS spend, adoption, productivity and engagement across your organization.

Preempt Burnout and Boost organizational Productivity

People Managers and Startup Leaders can identify usage patterns that are driving better results, increase productivity and team work and drive it across teams in your organization. Uncover team activity to:


Identify engagement and productivity risks


Optimize team workflows


Preempt workforce burnout

Boost organizational productivity using usage data across teams
Gain transparency on SaaS spend

Rationalize SaaS spend and optimize digital processes

Using Hatica's dashboard, IT Leaders can track all expenses for SaaS, get notified about upcoming subscriptions and get ahead on the decision curve. Obtain insights into SaaS usage and adoption:


Rationalize spend


Optimize digital processes


Track digital workplace transformation

Discover usage patterns across teams and improve employee well-being

Using Hatica's dashboard, Knowledge Workers can analyze personal and team activity to:


Improve focus time


Promote async work


Optimize engagement with team mates

Discover usage patterns across teams
⚡️  Our integrations
Hatica integrates with over 20 SaaS applications
Microsoft Teams integration with Hatica

Microsoft Teams

Quickbooks integration with Hatica



Digital Workplace Analytics to uncover SaaS value and drive team productivity

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