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Hatica versus LinearB

Growing engineering teams need analytics that help them grow exponentially and not just linearly across SDLC.

Hatica Cycle time dashboard

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Hatica versus LinearB


Hatica is a comprehensive engineering management platform that aggregates activity from all your work apps to power software engineering dashboards and gen AI-driven insights to help teams drive alignment, velocity and well-being.


LinearB is Software Delivery Management for Engineering Leaders that helps streamline operations to increase predictability, reduce costs and improve the quality of every release.

What happens when you switch to Hatica?


improvement in Cycle time leading to significant improvement in delivery velocity


improvement in planning and delivery accuracy sprint-over-sprint


improvement in Maker time resulting in improved well-being and drop in employee attrition

Hatica vs LinearB - Comparison at a Glance

Full SPACE metrics
DORA metrics
Sprint Metrics
Wellbeing metrics
Activity dashboards
Cost Capitalisation Reports
Surveys and Checkins
Automated stand-ups
Developer Automations
Continuous improvement tooling
Self hosted
Custom Dashboards
Connection support30+ Connectors

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Hatica outshines LinearB in every aspect

Hatica vs LinearB - Hatica

Engineering Teams Love Hatica

Rated #1 for Likelihood to Recommend and Best Meets ROI

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Momentum leader
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What sets Hatica above the rest

Hatica is purposely built to serve as a customizable platform for engineering teams ranging from 20 to 30,000+ engineers to drive alignment, velocity and well-being.

  • Fosters Team Alignment

    Get a 360° view into how your developers are aligned across various projects in your engineering org and help them prioritize better for achieving business goals.

  • Accelerate Delivery Velocity

    Identify blockers that prevent your team from delivering on time while maintaining the code quality using custom dashboards for various stages of SDLC.

  • Promotes Team Well-Being

    Pre-empt any engineering burnout, uneven workload distribution, meetings outside office hours to foster a culture of well-being for higher productivity.

  • Map ROI to Engineering Effort

    Stay on top of the bottomline for your engineering org by having a clear view into revenue generated out of all the engineering effort and dollar spent on each project.


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