Async standups

Work in sync without interrupting your team members, preserve focus time and improve overall well-being

Hatica standups

A better way to run standups

Avoid scheduling issues, prevent disturbing focus times, and have a record of all updates by running standups asynchronously using Hatica Check-ins.

Integrations and Reports

Connect with your work apps to automatically get work insights along with standup updates. Updates include work items like:

  • Pull requests from Github or Gitlab,
  • Tasks from Jira or Clickup or Notion or Linear,
  • and Incidents from Pagerduty or OpsGenie.

Slack and Microsoft Teams

Works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Email (Yes, emails!). The forms can also be submitted via the web.

Hatica standups


Customize based on your requirements. Set schedules as to when you want teams to submit checkins, Customise questions, and Configure submitters and viewers.

Activity Explorer

Complement with Activity dashboards like Pull Requests explorer, Task explorer, and Work summary reports

Hatica standups

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