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Our Mission

Driving Engineering team success

In a world of distributed teams and SaaS sprawl, Hatica is on a mission to provide engineering managers and leaders with the visibility and insights to help them drive team productivity and wellbeing.

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Backed by top global VCs

Hatica secures funding from Sequoia SurgeHatica secures funding from Kae CapitalHatica secures funding from Titan CapitalHatica secures funding from iSeed Ventures

Backed by engineering leaders from top companies including

Hatica is backed by Engineering leaders from GoogleHatica is backed by Engineering leaders from TwitterHatica is backed by Engineering leaders from NotionHatica is backed by Engineering leaders from Uber

Leadership Team

Builing by and for engineers with the intention of promoting end-to-end visibility of engineering workflows.

Naomi Chopra

Naomi Chopra

Co-Founder and CEO

Ex-Uber, Georgia Tech

Haritabh Singh

Haritabh Singh

Co-Founder and CTO

Ex-Uber, IIT

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Our story

The future of work is the possibility to work from anywhere, where productive work, human well-being, and sustainable growth are powered by dynamic digital tools.

As companies embrace the paradigms of the future, organizations and leaders are turning to data to help them build sustainable and successful teams.

That’s why we built Hatica – to equip engineering-driven organizations, business leaders, and team managers with factual and data-driven insights into how their people, processes, and tools are working. Hatica brings all work activity under one roof, creating a comprehensive view into what’s working and what’s not, no matter where your team is located.

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We began developing Hatica by coordinating remotely to build a platform which helps teams drive engineering excellence with data-driven insights. As we grasped the reality of remote work, we were able to make our platform more robust, driving productivity and well-being of both in-person and remote working paradigms.

Naomi Chopra - Hatica

Naomi Chopra

CEO and Co-Founder

We’re a distributed team

We're a distributed team spread across 4 countries

Hatica is a fully distributed team across 4 countries

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