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AutomatedAsync Standupswith Hatica

Keep your whole team updated on daily progress and blockers through quick, asynchronous standups. Track your team's activities and gain data-driven insights through centralised dashboards.

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Automate Progress Tracking with Activity Integrations

Integrate your async standups with the tools your team uses everyday, enabling Hatica to automatically gather and display relevant activities alongside each participant's standup response.

See Your Team's Progress at a Glance with the Standup Dashboard

Gain deeper understanding into your team's progress, roadblocks, and overall well-being with the Hatica Standup Dashboard. Keep your finger on the pulse of your team's performance.

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Track activities across all apps in a central, unified dashboard

Hatica integrates with your existing tools to display all your team's activity in one centralised, live dashboard. No more switching between platforms or searching through data streams.

  • Activity Log: Monitor actions taken across all integrated apps by each team member, organised by date in a calendar-like format.
  • Activity Stream: Gain real-time insights with a live feed of your team's activity.

Designed to seamlessly fit with your workflows

Customise the notification schedules, timezones, platforms and templates to fit your team’s needs. Whether you use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Gmail, we’ve got you covered. You can also add more questions to the templates and make it your own.

Hatica Activity Log Dashboard

Hatica integrates seamlessly with all the apps that power your digital workplace

Hatica natively integrates with Git, Project Management, CI/CD tools, Communication tools, and Incident Management tools.


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