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5 Slides CTOs could use for the Board Meetings

Unlock the toolkit for CTOs to present the engineering team’s performance and key KPIs with this 5 slide presentation. As a CTO, build effective communication with your board.

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5 Slides CTOs could use for the Board Meetings

As a CTO, you are always on top of each project your engineering team is working on and delivering sprint after sprint. As an engineering leader, you have been closely following up on the team's productivity, alignment and well-being.

However, a lot of this information and inputs are subjective and not backed with enough empirical data and statistics around it. However, communicating the updates to the management and the Board is a critical part of the role.

That is when this presentation could come in handy for you as a CTO.

In this 5 Slide PPT, we help you bridge the gap between the information you have and information you could present to the board with well-defined categories and subcategories and key KPIs/metrics under each one of them.

The Presentation is segmented into the following headers:

  1. R&D Investments
  2. What was Delivered
  3. Delivery Quality and Support
  4. Delivery Efficiency
  5. Known Gaps and Areas of Improvement

This 5-slide presentation saves you a lot of time and effort to present what your team has been working over sprints and months.

Download the presentation now!