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The Hatica Story - with Naomi Chopra

Tune into the podcast over CodeStory, where Naomi Chopra, Founder and CEO at Hatica opens up about building an analytics solution for engineering teams. Listen to his initial struggles, the journey from MVP to finding PMF, building AI into the product and the recent acquisition. Listen to the podcast to know what the future holds for Hatica and its customers.

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From MVP to PMF to AI first - The Hatica Story

“We at Hatica have been working towards bringing the data from all tools in the tech stack under one hood so that engineering leaders and teams could make effective decisions backed by relevant and contextual data. And I am proud of the fact that we have been able to deliver that.”, says Naomi.

Naomi Chopra, Founder and CEO at Hatica, in a recent candid interaction with CodeStory by Noah Labhart talks about his journey from building a MVP to finding the right PMF.

He talks about the initial mistakes and struggles to find his way out to deliver an engineering management platform to engineering teams of all sizes. Listen in to know the impact Hatica makes on the lives of 100s of engineering teams and leaders and what keeps Naomi going day in and day out.

Naomi, in this podcast, talks about making Hatica AI first and the future roadmap, a recent acquisition Hatica made and how he and the entire Hatican tribe is excited about driving engineering excellence with data-driven engineering culture.

Tune into the podcast right now.