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DORA metrics from Hatica

Deployment Frequency

Track the frequency with which your engineering teams are releasing or deploying code.Research shows that the best teams release often.

Change Failure Rate

Track the rate at which deployments are resulting in degraded service and subsequently requiring remediation like hotfixes or patches.High Change failure rate is commonly identified among the top factors that degrades developer productivity.

Hatica DORA Metrics - Change failure Rate

Mean Time To Restore or MTTR

The time taken to restore a service incident, a defect or a degraded service that impacts users is quantified into MTTR.

Its a key metric as it helps:
  • Understand the risk taken with each release
  • Gain clarity on the time taken to fix outages and defects

Comprehensive work visibility

so you can base your decisions on the whole picture

Complement cycle time with 70+ software engineering metrics to get the full picture of developer productivity and well-being to help your teams achieve excellence.

  • Cycle time
  • Effort allocation metrics
  • Code quality metrics
  • DORA metrics
  • ...and more

Hatica Metrics explorer - DORA Metrics

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