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It’s a Hat-trick! Hatica Takes Home ‘Momentum Leader’ in the G2 Fall 2023 Report

G2 Fall 2023 Report is out, and Hatica emerges as the Momentum Leader third time in a row. Know how we drive engineering excellence for our customers. Top insights inside!
Hatica Takes Home ‘Momentum Leader’ in the G2 Fall 2023 Report

What’s more satisfying than building a driven product? Witnessing your customers love it beyond your wildest hope, and expectations. Hatica has done just that, sweeping the "Momentum Leader" recognition for the third time in a row in the G2 Fall 2023 Report. 

This year’s G2 Report is special for us. The love, and support we received from our customers proves how close we are to delivering excellence for engineering teams everywhere.   

It reflects our commitment as an engineering management platform to bring engineering effectiveness, and drive people well-being using actionable analytics.  

Hatica Bags The Top Spots in G2 Fall 2023 Report 

Every quarter, our chests thump with pride (humble brag!), and our hearts are filled with happy customers, and phenomenal rankings. 

This time, our wall of fame shines bright with:

  • Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools category 
  • High Performer in Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools category | Fall 2023
  • Leader in Small-Business Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools category | Fall 2023
  • #1 for Likelihood to Recommend in Small-Business Grid® Report
  • Best Meets Requirements Badge for earning the highest Meets Requirements score in the Software Development Analytics Tools category
Momentum Leader G2 Score in Software Development Analytics Tool category

We have also been ranked:

  • #1 for Price
  • #1 for Productivity Updates
  • #1 for Testing Integration
  • #1 for Meets Requirements
Hatica wins big in G2 Fall 2023 Report

“Users Love Us” For A Reason!

Our customer advocates have helped us to navigate all nuances that come with challenging status-quos. They have supported us at every step of bringing a paradigm shift into how engineering teams work, collaborate, and deliver. And the latest G2 Fall 2023 Report speaks volumes about their love, and trust in us.  

Plus, congrats are in order for us, as we have surpassed all our previous rankings! The reason- Happy customers and the product that is headed in the right direction! We are not saying, Customers and G2 are! 

Here’s a quick snippet of our current customer satisfaction ratings:  

  • A 97% Likelihood to Recommend 
  • 95% in Ease of Setup
  • 92% for Ease of Use
  • 95% for Meets Requirement 
  • 93% in Ease of Admin 
  • 98% for Ease of Doing Business With 
  • 99% for Support Quality 

And, a 100% satisfaction score by customers for the Product Going in Right Direction. 🤗

Our customers surely agree. Here are some of reviews we received this fall: 

“Hatica’s Developer summary feature helps me to drive insights to provide actionable feedback to my devs during our 1:1s. It is powerful and satisfying to see a developer improve their workflow upon this data-driven feedback.”- Vishal K

PS: Vishal calls us “the best out there” (We hear it Vishal! Thank you!)

However, he's not the only one: 

“Got an objective metrics-driven approach to measure engineering effectiveness. Hatica takes out the guesswork concerning engineering effectiveness so engineers can focus on what they do best. It is also easy to integrate and use. The dashboards bring several key metrics into a single pane of glass, and metrics can drive process optimization.”- Kannan G, Vymo

“Apart from some very useful metrics like maker time, cycle time, planning accuracy, and code review metrics, one of the best features is the aggregated view of data points for a team. This is helpful for checking the whole team's health instead of just an individual. Another great thing is that for each data metric, detailed documentation is given to understand the meaning and impact of each data point.”- Dollar Dhingra, Tata 1MG  

Users rated us a 4.9/5 on G2. Know what really makes us the customer favourite here

Our Previous Winning Streaks 

What really gets our geeky hearts racing? It's our purpose-driven product. So, when we saw the latest G2 report this fall, it didn't just surprise us. Rather, it was a throbbing testament to the value we are creating for engineering teams globally for the last three years. 

The G2 Summer 2023 Report was a mic-drop moment for us! We bagged the Momentum Leader title, Leader in Small Business, and the High Performer badge. 

Our winning streak continued with: 

  • #1 for Productivity Updates
  • #1 for Analytics and Trends
  • Rated #1 for Ease of Use
  • Rated #1 for Price
  • Rated #1 for Testing Integration
  • Rated #1 for Data Context
  • #1 for Meets Requirements

Lead Your Engineering Team With Data-Driven Confidence 

There is nothing more powerful than having real-time visibility into your engineering operations, and people’s health. 

Imagine the transformation that comes with data-driven ownership of your workflow bottlenecks, spotting SDLC warning signs before they hit crisis mode, and effortlessly staying in the loop on your developers' progress—all at the same time. 

Hatica does precisely that. We take care of every part of your moving SDLC through our 13+ data-rich dashboards, 130+ engineering metrics, and relevant context to help you sail through the complexities of modern software development. 

With our Dev Cycle Time dashboard, engineering leaders have seen 3x faster deliveries, and 50% improvement in engineering velocity

Hatica's cycle time dashboard

The actionable insights help engineering teams fix unproductive code churn, painful code reviews, and code complexity

And there’s more!

Hatica also helps you keep your sprints on track, so they don’t become marathons. Over time, our customers have seen a 30% uptick in planning accuracy and a faster delivery cycle. Understand project health, bottlenecks in engineering operations, and individual workflows- all at a single glass pane, so your sprint discussions are meaningful, and engineering efforts are aligned with business goals.  

Sprint retro dashboard by Hatica

We equally take care of your people, and not just engineering processes. Our check-ins are modern day async standups that help teams to share their work updates without interrupting their flow state. Now you can bid a warm, but much-needed goodbye to scheduling errors, frustrated devs, and undocumented updates. 

Hatica activity log with check-in response

Oh, and did we mention that our customers have improved their deep work hours by a whopping 40%? Thanks to async standups and some serious maker time! Yep, we're in the productivity business! 🚀💼

With Hatica’s contextual analytics, engineering teams have been crushing it with some seriously epic improvements. 

Drive your engineering success with Hatica today! Request a demo to know more→

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  • Hatica Bags The Top Spots in G2 Fall 2023 Report 
  • “Users Love Us” For A Reason!
  • Our Previous Winning Streaks 
  • Lead Your Engineering Team With Data-Driven Confidence 

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