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Maker time metrics

Visualize and identify teams and employees working out-of-work hours, or on holidays to help you pre-empt employee burnout.

Hatica maker time dashboard

Minimize interruption to drive productivity

Hatica enables you to track interruptions from meetings and your team’s maker time (a.k.a. focus time) availability. Optimize maker time for individual contributors to boost developer productivity.

Pre-empt burnout, ensure developer well-being

Visualize and identify teams’ and employees’ working out-of-work hours or on holidays to help you pre-empt employee burnout.

Hourly communication activity from Hatica Maker time dashboard

Track collaboration metrics across different dimensions

  • Manager 1:1 meeting time
  • Large and ineffective meeting hours
  • Interviewing hours
  • Team cohesion index
  • ... and more

Comprehensive work visibility

so you can base your decisions on the whole picture

Complement cycle time with 70+ software engineering metrics to get the full picture of developer productivity and well-being to help your teams achieve excellence.

  • Cycle time
  • Effort allocation metrics
  • Code quality metrics
  • DORA metrics
  • and more

Hatica Metrics explorer - Maker time

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Overview dashboard from Hatica