Hatica Excels in G2's Spring 2024 Report with Best Estd. ROI, High Performer and Momentum Leader Recognitions

The G2 Spring 2024 Report is out now, and Hatica is showered with badges and reports once again. Take a closer look at the badges we've won this quarter in this blog!
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Spring always brings a fresh wave of optimism and brightness and this spring has been no different for us here at Hatica. It is blooming badges along with mentions in fifteen reports in the G2 Spring 2024 announcement!

G2 quarterly reports are a great tool to tap into our industry, the competitive landscape and more than everything else, how our customers use and perceive Hatica! This has always been at the core of our ethos - to understand our customers' needs, identify what’s blocking them and how do we go on from one quarter to another solving more problems and fetching more confidence (and positive reviews) from our customers. 

We're proud and grateful for the journey we have taken to give engineering teams access to actionable data to promote team alignment, velocity and people/process well-being within their engineering teams.

Coming to the G2 Spring 2024 Reports, these reports are testimony to Hatica building a powerful engineering management platform - for the engineering teams and leaders - which is loved by its users. It vividly illustrates how we've transformed how engineering teams approach and discuss data with Hatica onboard. From our humble beginnings as a two-person team catering to a handful of customers to receiving Momentum Leader for the 5th time in a row in the Software Development Analytics Tools category is a confirmation of a journey headed in the right direction. Hatica's growth story is driven by a clear mission: empowering every engineering team with actionable engineering analytics to boost developer productivity and improve the overall developer experience.

Key Highlights from Hatica's Achievements in the G2 Spring 2024 Report:

  • Momentum Leader: Recognized as the leader in momentum in the Spring 2024 Momentum Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • High Performer: Acknowledged for excellence in the Spring 2024 Grid® Report for 
  • Fastest Implementation: Achieved the fastest implementation according to the Spring 2024 Mid-Market Implementation Index
  • High Performer: Earned recognition in the Spring 2024 Asia Regional Grid® Report for 
  • Best Std. ROI: Achieved the best standard return on investment according to the Spring 2024 Mid-Market Results Index
  • High Performer: Recognized for excellence in the Spring 2024 India Regional Grid® Report 
  • High Performer: Acknowledged for high performance in the Spring 2024 Grid® Report
  • High Performer: Recognized for excellence in the Spring 2024 Mid-Market Grid® Report 
  • High Performer: Acknowledged for high performance in the Spring 2024 Small-Business Grid® Report. 

What adds to our excitement is winning the "Users Love Us" badge for the 6th consecutive time. 

This achievement speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction our users have in our product and is a testament to our commitment to promoting team alignment, enhancing velocity in people and processes, and fostering well-being in engineering teams.

These badges affirm that we're on the right track, and making significant progress toward our goals and what we’ve set out to achieve. 

G2 Awards Won in Main Category

Hatica Leads in Software Development Analytics Tools: Momentum Grid® Report

We’re outperforming the competition, yet again!

Hatica has achieved the prestigious title of Momentum Leader in the Spring 2024 Momentum Grid® Report for Software Development Analytics Tools. This accomplishment positions us ahead of notable competitors like LinearB, Waydev and Code Climate. Notably, our presence in the Momentum Grid was also acknowledged in the G2 Winter 2024 Report as well.

Trending Software Development Analytics Tools

“Users Love Us” For All the Right Reasons

We're thrilled to announce that our dedication to exceeding customer expectations has earned us the esteemed badge of "Users Love Us." This recognition highlights our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our product.

Here's a snapshot of our current customer satisfaction ratings:

  • 97% agreed with the Quality of Support.
  • 96% agreed with the ease of doing business with Hatica.
  • 95% of reviewers are likely to recommend Hatica.
  • 91% agreed with Ease of Administration.
  • 90% agree that Hatica meets their requirements.
G2 Ratings

Furthermore, we're delighted to share that our customers have given us a perfect satisfaction score of 100% for the Product Heading in the Right Direction.

This is significant as it gives us confidence in what we are building and how “our product” is enabling engineering teams to overcome some of the crucial challenges in running their engineering operations and maximizing ROI at the same time.

Our customers are always very vocal about sharing their experiences about our product, and we're thrilled to join in on their excitement by sharing a few of their reviews!

What Our Customers Say About Us

First of all, Hatica’s impressive 4.8 rating on G2 alone highlights the tangible impact our product has on engineering teams.

Now, let's hear directly from our customers themselves:

Rohan, a long-term user of Hatica, shares his perspective: "My favorite aspect of Hatica is how it helps engineering teams boost developer productivity. It goes beyond just improving engineering metrics; Hatica also prioritizes developer well-being. I haven't found another engineering management platform that places such equal importance on both aspects.”

Thank you, Rohan, for recognizing our commitment to enhancing both productivity and well-being within engineering teams.

But Rohan isn't the only satisfied customer. Lisah M (Senior Developer at Loyalytics Consulting) also shares his experience with our dashboards. 

"Lisah M. shares: 'Hatica offers a wide range of metrics that provide valuable insights for our team's work. The dashboards provided are comprehensive and user-friendly, allowing us to access all developer metrics conveniently in one place. Additionally, the dashboard filters are excellent, enhancing our ability to refine and analyse the data effectively"

Thank you, Lisah, for your feedback. We've carefully crafted our dashboards to provide comprehensive insights, and we're delighted to hear they're providing valuable insights to you!

Lisah isn't the only one singing praises for our product, Mohit (Co-Founder and CTO at Loyalytics.ai) has also shared his thoughts on its effectiveness:

“Hatica has brought transparency to our company with its detailed engineering metrics. It has shed light on aspects that were previously unmeasured. With Hatica, we can measure and improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our engineering team. Moreover, the team's responsiveness has been exceptional. They not only provided us with the tool but also offered valuable insights and assistance in interpreting the data.”

Mohit's testimonial underscores how Hatica is instrumental in driving transparency and performance improvement within companies.

Our customers are our pride and joy and hearing about their positive experiences with our product makes all the effort worth it! 

Now, let’s move on to what we’ve also achieved in the past quarter. 

Our Past Achievements in the Year

  • Best Estimated ROI Badge
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend Badge
  • Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report
  • High Performer in Grid® Report
  • Fastest Implementation badge in Mid-Market Implementation Index
  • High Performer badge in Mid-Market and Small-Business Grid® Reports
  • High Performer badge in Asia Regional, Asia-Pacific Regional, and India Regional Grid® Reports

Additionally, we also secured the following accolades:

  • Ranked #1 for Productivity Updates
  • Ranked #1 for Analytics and Trends
  • Ranked #1 for Ease of Use
  • Ranked #1 for Price
  • Ranked #1 for Testing Integration
  • Ranked #1 for Data Context

Check out the G2 Winter 2024 Report here

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The modern-day engineering scenario is one with constant changes and shifts, 

and staying ahead requires “how” we gather and implement data-driven insights to improve engineering operations and the overall developer experience. This entails a blend of cultural, organizational, and technological transformations.

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As SDLC practices become increasingly intricate, Hatica serves as your guiding light. From streamlining knowledge silos to capturing data points, from optimizing operations to maximizing ROI, Hatica empowers you to scale business values and achieve tangible results, ensuring you're primed for success.

Our mission is to empower engineering teams to deliver exceptional value to their end customers!

If you've ever pondered questions like:

  1. Is my team delivering optimal value?
  2. How is engineering effort distributed across projects?
  3. Can we gain insights into developer activity?
  4. What is the code quality of our releases?
  5. Are project deadlines being met?
  6. How accurate is our engineering team's planning?
  7. Do we have robust data for sprint retrospectives?
  8. How do we measure ROI across our projects?

Then, Hatica is the ideal solution for your engineering team. Serving as an all-in-one platform for engineering analytics, Hatica aggregates data from various work apps, providing actionable insights and dashboards to drive velocity, alignment, and well-being for your engineering teams.

Make the future-thinking decision today by requesting a demo and talking to our productivity experts!

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  • Key Highlights from Hatica's Achievements in the G2 Spring 2024 Report:
  • Hatica Leads in Software Development Analytics Tools: Momentum Grid® Report
  • “Users Love Us” For All the Right Reasons
  • What Our Customers Say About Us
  • Our Past Achievements in the Year
  • Make Your Next Move With Data-Driven Engineering Excellence

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