Why Engineering Teams Love Hatica: Insights from G2 Summer 2024 Report

The G2 Summer Report is here, and Hatica shines as the Momentum Leader, High Performer, and Best ROI in software development analytics. Read the full details in this blog.
G2 Summer 2024 Report - Why Engineering Teams Love Hatica

We’re thrilled to share that Hatica continues to shine in the G2 Summer 2024 report! This recognition is a big deal for us, as it reflects our standing in the industry, our competition, and most importantly, delivering on your feedback.

From day one, the needs and challenges of software engineering teams have been our driving force. Every quarter, we push ourselves to solve more problems and earn the badge of being the single source of truth for all engineering teams and leaders. Your positive reviews, and critical feedback keep us going and show that we’re headed the right way when it comes to building a software development analytics tool. 

We pride ourselves on providing engineering teams with actionable data to help them achieve alignment, delivery velocity with high code quality, and people/process well-being. Our journey, now marked by six consecutive Momentum Leader awards, highlights our commitment to delivering developer-centric insights.

And now, with the launch of Hatica v3 (currently in public beta), we’re forging ahead from being an engineering analytics tool to a holistic engineering management platform.

(Read Everything you need to know about the Engineering Management Platform.)

This launch emphasizes on what we call The Four Pillars of Engineering Productivity - that let an Engineering Management Platform (EMP) give you a multi-dimensional view of building and shipping software products. The four pillars are Team Alignment, Software Delivery Velocity, Software Quality and Developer Experience

These pillars together empower engineering leaders to look at the entire software development lifecycle in a comprehensive manner thereby giving them the edge they need to make smart decisions, improve processes, and boost team performance.

Hatica v3 introduces a fresh approach to engineering metrics, making data more accessible and usable than ever before. Our platform democratizes data by simplifying its adoption and tailoring insights to meet the unique needs of each engineering team. This update allows for more granular and actionable insights, ensuring teams can unlock their full potential.

G2 Summer 2024 Reports couldn’t have timed better. The G2 Summer 2024 Report reinforces Hatica's power as a user-loved EMP for both engineering teams and leaders. It highlights the data-driven transformation Hatica facilitates. 

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve won this summer at G2!

Key Highlights from Hatica's Achievements in the G2 Summer 2024 Report:

We’ve achieved several important badges in the G2 Summer report. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Momentum Leader: Recognized as the leader in momentum in the report for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • Best Estd ROI: Achieved the best return on investment according to the Summer 2024 Mid-Market Results Index 
  • High Performer: Acknowledged for excellence in the report for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • High Performer: Earned recognition in the Small-Business Grid for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • High Performer: Recognized for excellence in the Asia Regional Grid for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • High Performer: Recognized for excellence in the India Regional Grid for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • High Performer: Recognized for excellence in the APAC Regional Grid for Software Development Analytics Tools.
  • Relationship Index: Highest Quality of Support and Likelihood to Recommend in the Small-Business category in the report.
  • Users Love Us: Last but not least, we have bagged this badge once again.

This achievement validates our commitment to exceeding expectations. It is also a powerful reflection of the impact Hatica has on its users. Leveraging a platform like Hatica helps you achieve better team alignment, accelerated workflows, and all-in-all a more positive work environment that strives to achieve success every day.

G2 Summer 2024 Report - Awards Won in Main Category

Hatica Leads in Software Development Analytics Tools: Momentum Grid® Report

We've been named the Momentum Leader in G2's Spring 2024 for Software Development Analytics Tools, surpassing many industry giants in this space.

This means we're leading the pack in helping software development teams like yours crush their goals!

We are excited about this achievement and proudly acknowledge that this success comes from focusing on what our users need and understanding the challenges faced by software development teams. 

G2 Summer 2024 Report - Momentum Leaders

"Users Love Us" for a Reason

Every feature we develop and every update we release is designed keeping the needs of engineering leaders, engineering managers, and developers in mind. We’re always listening to every feedback our customers have for us and are striving to exceed those expectations.

Therefore, we're so excited to share that we've earned the "Users Love Us" badge on G2! This recognition means the world to us because it comes directly from our amazing customers. (sheer love and gratitude!)

It’s incredibly rewarding to know that Hatica makes a real difference in the0 -p0daily workflows and overall productivity of so many engineering teams across the globe. This badge is a big vote of confidence, showing that our customers trust us to deliver top-notch quality in everything we do.

Dear customers, your feedback is invaluable, and we're thrilled to see this satisfaction reflected in our customer ratings!

Here's a look at them!

G2 Summer 2024 Report Ratings

This is important because it shows that our product is helping engineering teams tackle key challenges in their operations while also maximizing ROI.

We’re excited to share some of our customer reviews with you, reflecting the positive experiences and success stories of teams using Hatica. Thank you for believing in us!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Hatica's effectiveness is evident in its impressive 4.8-star rating on G2, a testament to the positive impact it has on engineering teams. 

Now, let’s hear what our customers are saying:

“Hatica is an excellent way to adopt data-driven engineering practices,” says Harsh, Engineering Manager @NinjaVan and a frequent user of Hatica. “Hatica gives us insights into how our engineering team spends their time, thus enabling us to adopt a data-driven engineering management process.”

Thank you, Harsh, for recognizing our commitment to enhancing engineering practices with a data-driven approach.

Cedan, another satisfied user and an engineering manager, highlights Hatica's value in his day-to-day tasks, “I find Hatica very valuable for providing deep insights into our team's productivity. It has a user-friendly interface that allows me to navigate through various dashboards effortlessly, giving me a comprehensive overview of our team's progress. This visibility helps pinpoint areas of issues so that we can improve those areas accordingly."

Thank you, Cedan, for your feedback. We've carefully crafted our dashboards to provide comprehensive insights, and we're delighted to hear they are valuable to you!

There is more you can achieve with our latest release of Hatica v3 - currently in public beta. You can read more about the same here

Our Past Achievements in the Year

  • Best Estimated ROI Badge
  • Users Most Likely To Recommend Badge
  • Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report
  • High Performer in Grid® Report
  • Fastest Implementation badge in Mid-Market Implementation Index
  • High Performer badge in Mid-Market and Small-Business Grid® Reports
  • High Performer badge in Asia Regional, Asia-Pacific Regional, and India Regional Grid® Reports

These achievements are backed with stellar customer ratings on some independent parameters such as:

  • 97% agreed with the Quality of Support.
  • 96% agreed with the Ease of Doing Business with Hatica.
  • 95% of reviewers are Likely to Recommend Hatica.
  • 91% agreed with Ease of Administration.
  • 90% agree that Hatica Meets Their Requirements.

Check out the G2 Spring 2024 Report here

Get The Broader Picture of Engineering Productivity with Hatica

The engineering ecosystem often struggles to make the most use of information available from their tech stack. That's where an engineering management platform like Hatica transforms raw data into actionable insights adding meaningful context and relevance that drive real transformation.

Hatica v3 takes this a step further, simplifying the process like never before. We understand that getting a holistic view of engineering productivity can be a huge challenge. A lot of other tools in the ecosystem offer a makeshift solution to the compelling challenges of engineering teams. 

We at Hatica realize that this makes engineering leaders shy of using those numbers, inferences, and actionable with confidence. That's why with our latest release, we have made sure that each data point is traceable to its source thus highlighting where the problem began, benchmarking against the industry best, and adding credibility while setting up goals for developers and engineering teams at large. 

Hatica's engineering management platform empowers leaders to manage teams effectively with the right data and foster a data-driven engineering culture within their teams. We provide actionable data, not just numbers, so your team can prioritize strategic initiatives making a real impact.

If you want to lead with a data-driven approach, connect with our productivity experts today to see how Hatica can unlock real-time engineering insights for your team.

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  • Hatica Leads in Software Development Analytics Tools: Momentum Grid® Report
  • "Users Love Us" for a Reason
  • What Our Customers Say About Us
  • Our Past Achievements in the Year
  • Get The Broader Picture of Engineering Productivity with Hatica

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