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This dashboard provides are easy way to look through PRs that the Engineering team is working on. Since PRs are the smallest unit of release, it is easy for teams to monitor progress, track issues & exceptions from within a single all-PRs view, which is exactly what this dashboard does.

Activity Code

Data sources

All PR data is sourced from Git/VCS tools that are integrated with Hatica


  • Created at: all PRs created in the specified date range
  • Repo: repository in which the PR was raised
  • Author: author of the PR
  • Teams: show PRs created by any member of a team
  • First Review: show PRs that had the first review in the specified date range
  • Approved: show PRs that were approved in the specified date range
  • Merged: show PRs that were merged in the specified date range
  • Closed: show PRs that were closed in the specified date range
  • Deployed: show PRs that were deployed in the specified date range
  • Status: show PRs by status Open | Abandoned | Merged
    • PRs that are closed without merge are categorised as Abandoned

Note that at least one date range filter is necessary.

Use Cases

  • Use PR explorer to understand how many open PRs for a team/individual. Too many open PRs usually means some work has been abandoned or the Engineer is multi-tasking
  • Identify long running PRs with review cycles longer than 5 days
  • Understand which PRs have been abandoned i.e. closed without merge
  • Undeployed PRs; PRs that have been merged but not deployed in production
  • Review request hanging; PRs that have been raised but no review has happened


What happens to deleted PRs?

Deleted PRs are not available to Hatica so the PR will remain indefinitely open in Hatica