Deployment Frequency

Deployment Frequency

Ratio of total deployments completed in the Production environment to the number of days in the selected date range.

Computation of the metric:

  1. Deployment data is collected from pipeline tools like Jenkins, Circle CI or other CI/CD tools.

  2. The total number of deployments within a specified time frame (e.g., a day, week, or month) is counted. This count is then divided by the number of days in the period to calculate the deployment frequency.

Industry benchmarks:

The DORA performance grades for Deployment Frequency are:

  1. Elite - On-demand (multiple deploys per day)

  2. High - Between once per day and once per week

  3. Medium - Between once per week and once per month

  4. Low - Between once per month and once every 6 months

Dashboards where this metric is used:

  1. DORA Metrics

Use cases of this metric:

  1. Understand the agility of your teams with respect to releases

  2. Assess the need to invest in CI-CD tools and whether the established DevOps release processes are delivering sufficient velocity in terms of releases