Deployment Frequency

Deployment Frequency

Ratio of total deployments completed in the Production environment to the number of days in the selected date range.


Computation of the metric

  1. Deployment data is collected from pipeline tools like Jenkins, Circle CI or other CI/CD tools.

  2. Number of deployments detected or reported divided by number of days.

Industry benchmarks

The DORA performance grades for Deployment Frequency are:

  1. Elite - On-demand (multiple deploys per day)

  2. High - Between once per day and once per week

  3. Medium - Between once per week and once per month

  4. Low - Between once per month and once every 6 months

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. DORA Metrics

Use cases of this metric

  1. Use this to understand how a repo/team/individual’s work is shipped into production
  2. For mobile apps that have a cadence such as weekly/monthly etc, the deployment frequency might be lower compared to, say, a web app or a backend service
  3. In general, higher deployment frequency is better and reflects the agility of your engineering workflow to ship customer-facing work