Coding Days

Coding Days

Coding days metric is defined as the number of working days that engineers have spent doing commits.

Computation of the metric:

  1. Computed using the commit activity of teams and members.
  2. GIT/VCS tools provide the data used to analyse the commit activity.
  3. Coding days is 100% if there was at least 1 commit for each working day in the week.
  4. Coding days can be >100% if the number of coding days > number of work days.

Dashboards where this metric is used:

  1. Dev Summary
  2. Dev Metric Grid
  3. Dev Throughput

Use cases of this metric:

  1. Fewer codings might be indicative of engineers being overwhelmed with review work leaving less time for coding.
  2. Engineers being overwhelmed with meetings, interviews, etc will also tend to have fewer coding days.
  3. Coding days are a potential indicator for low focus and burnout.