Issues Resolved

Issues Resolved

Count of issues resolved in the selected time period. The definition of an Issue is mapped to all underlying issues ie. Bug, Epic, Story, Task etc. in the issue tracking tool (Jira, Linear, Clickup etc)

Quiet Days

Computation of the metric

  1. Data is collected from integrated project management tools like Jira, Linear, or Clickup.
  2. Resolved issues are filtered based on their status, such as "Resolved" or "Closed."
  3. All issue types are included
  4. Number of resolved issues within the specified time period is tallied.

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Developer Summary
  2. Activity Log
  3. Dev Metric Grid
  4. Effort Alignment

Use cases of this metric

  1. By tracking the number of resolved issues, teams can gauge their effectiveness in addressing reported problems within a given time frame. This metric provides insight into how efficiently the team is handling issues, helping to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or areas where additional training or support may be needed.
  2. Understanding the volume of resolved issues allows project managers to better allocate resources and plan for upcoming workloads. It provides valuable data for estimating project timelines, ensuring that the team has sufficient capacity to handle incoming tasks, and making informed decisions about staffing and project prioritization.
  3. Run rate of this metric provides visibility to throughput trends for the individual/team.