Activity Integrations

Activity Integrations

Integrate your async standups with the tools your team uses everyday, enabling Hatica to automatically gather and display relevant activities alongside each participant's standup response. These activities reflect the work completed during the previous check-in period, providing a comprehensive overview of each team member's progress.

Enable Activity Integrations for Existing Async Standups

  1. Go to the Check-ins tab ( (opens in a new tab)) in your Hatica Dashboard and find the async standup you want to enable intgerations for. You can filter the list by async standup type to simplify your search. Click on the check-in to access its details page. Check-in Landing
  2. Expand Integrations Panel in the Configuration tab. Check-in Details Configuration Tab
  3. Select the desired tool you want to integrate with the standup and enable it. You can customise how activities are attached to the individual responses of the participants, based on your preference. Check-in Details Configuration Tab
    1. List Activities: This option explicitly lists configured activities along with their unique identifiers, titles, and links to the corresponding tools. For example, enabling "PR Created" activities will display "Created PR-123: This is the PR title."
    2. Activity Counts: This option provides a concise summary of activity counts. For example, "24 PRs Created" will be displayed.
  4. Click Save to publish the settings. In your team's next check-in submission, you will start viewing the activities attached to their responses. Checkin Integrations Slack Submission