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How Hatica Creates Users

How Hatica creates users to get started quickly

  • Hatica creates users automatically and add them to the "All Engineering" team.

  • "All Engineering" team is the default team where even if a member is removed from the team, they will be added back automatically.

  • We look up commits from last 3 months and then create users

  • Old but still active (in last 3 months) PRs can still exist, which can create some users which no longer work with the company.

  • Users are NOT created for any commits associated with personal emails, that is, we ONLY create users for emails with your org domain

  • There will some users might have commits in last 3 months but no PRs, so most dashboards might have 0 values for them.

  • If users have set Keep my email addresses private option in Github, then emails will be set to something like We cannot map the username in those cases.

We can configure multiple domains to be recognized to be auto-created