Manage Check-ins

With Hatica Check-ins, you can automate your team syncs and workflows, such as daily stand-ups, sprint retrospectives, pulse checks, and more. This helps you get valuable insights into your team's day-to-day work, blockers, and well-being, all while being completely async and efficient.

Hatica Check-ins also seamlessly integrates with your workflows. With Activity Attachments, Hatica can integrate with your existing tools and automatically add that information to your check-ins, making them even more efficient for your team.

Who can create and manage check-ins?

Users with the Admin role can create and manage check-ins.

Types of Check-in Participants

Any user who's not an Check-in admin is a participant. There are two types of check-in participants:

  1. Viewers: Viewers can view check-in data on the Hatica dashboards.
  2. Submitters: Submitters can submit responses to check-ins.

Create a Check-in

Prerequisite to create a Check-in for your team is to configure the Slack channel. Once you’ve configured the Slack Channel then:

  1. Go to the Check-ins tab ( (opens in a new tab)) and click the Create New Check-in button or select a template from the dashboard. Select Check-in Template

  2. Add or edit the questions based on your preference and click on next. Select Check-in Questions

  3. Select the team you want to create the check-in for. You can also click on ”Add Members” to add new members to the team to include more participants. By default, all team members will be selected to submit the check-in form. However, you can specify which members should be allowed to view the check-in data on the dashboard. Select Check-in Participants

  4. Pick the schedule for the check-in. You can specify the days of the week, repetition, notification time, and manage timezones. Select Check-in Schedule

  5. Select the Slack channel where you want to share the check-in summary report, which will contain submission stats at your chosen time of day. Select Check-in Schedule

  6. Click Publish to create the check-in.

Update a Check-in

You can manage and update the configurations of the check-ins you are an admin of, including managing participants, adding new team members or admins, updating questions, schedules, and more.

  1. Go to the Check-ins tab ( (opens in a new tab)) in your Hatica Dashboard and find the check-in you want to update. You can filter the list by check-in type or status to simplify your search. Click on the Edit button. Select Check-in Schedule

  2. Once you have made your desired changes, click the Save button to apply them. Select Check-in Schedule

Delete a Check-in

Deleting a check-in is a permanent action. Once taken, all the data related to the check-in is deleted and can not be restored. To be on the safer side, you can choose to pause a check-in instead of deleting it. In this way you will still have your check-ins data in your Hatica dashboard. To Delete a Check-in, go to the update screen and click on the Delete button.

Pause a Check-in

Pausing a check-in in Hatica temporarily disables it. When a check-in is paused, participants won't receive notifications or be able to submit responses. It's useful when you want to halt a check-in temporarily, perhaps during holidays or special events, without permanently deleting it. To Pause a Check-in, go to the update screen and click on the Pause button.