Avg Daily Maker Time

Average Daily Maker Time

Average time available to a user each day to focus on building software.

Computation of the metric

  1. A standard 9-hour working day and 5-day work-week (Mon-Fri) is assumed for developers.

  2. Meeting hours sourced from platforms like gCal or MS cal or online meeting participation data sourced from GMeet or Zoom are examined.

  3. Total meeting hours are subtracted from the assumed 9-hour workday to determine available "maker time" for focused work.

Industry Benchmarks

  1. High Maker time: >75% of the work hours is maker time
  2. Medium Maker time: >60% of the work hours is maker time
  3. Low Maker time: <60% or the rest

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Team Wellbeing
  2. Developer summary
  3. Dev Metric Grid

Use cases of this metric

  1. This metric offers insights into the average daily time users have for concentrated software development efforts, aiding in assessing individual productivity levels within the team.
  2. Analyzing the average daily focus time helps identify potential bottlenecks in the software development process. It enables teams to streamline workflows, mitigate distractions, and optimize work processes to enhance productivity.
  3. By understanding the average time available for focused work, teams can better allocate resources and distribute tasks effectively, ensuring equitable workloads across team members.