Active Contributors

Active Contributors

Active Contributors is the count of active users who committed code in the selected time period.

Computation of the metric

  • Computed using the commit activity of teams and members.
  • GIT/VCS tools provide the data used to analyse the commit activity.

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Dev Throughput Dashboard
  2. Dev Metric grid Dashboard

Use cases of this metric

  1. Use this metric to keep a tab on what is the average active contributor % for a team. In any time frame, you should see 80% of the team contributing actively. The metric might be higher when the team is in a code-heavy phase and lower when the team is in planning, but in a longer time frame the metric should be >80%
  2. It helps in identifying the work load distribution in the team. While some might have more work than others, while others have an empty bucket giving them no opportunity for commits. This metric will help streamline such cases.
  3. Some people might do more commits than others. It is a good way to identify the bottlenecks others are facing. Some common reasons are: dealing with more number of higher size PRs thus taking more time to commit, more involved in meetings and having less time for actual work, etc.