Active Contributors

Active Contributors

This metric represents the count of contributors who added at-least one commit in the time period.

App inputs to this metric:

GIT/VCS tools

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What powers Active Contributors:

Commits activity of teams and members

Use Cases of This Metric:

  1. It helps in identifying the work load distribution in the team. While some might have more work than others, while others have an empty bucket giving them no opportunity for commits. This metric will help streamline such cases.
  2. Some people might do more commits than others. It is a good way to identify the bottlenecks others are facing. Some common reasons are: dealing with more number of higher size PRs thus taking more time to commit, more involved in meetings and having less time for actual work, etc.

You can find this metric under:

  1. Dev Throughput Dashboard
  2. Dev Metric grid Dashboard
  3. Activity Log dashboard