Check-in Submissions

When your team submits a check-in, their responses are shared with you through the configured channel you selected when creating the check-ins. Additionally, you can easily access and review all check-in submissions on the Hatica Dashboard.

View Check-in Submissions

On the Hatica Dashboard:

  1. Go to the Check-ins tab ( (opens in a new tab)) in your Hatica Dashboard and find the check-in you want to update. You can filter the list by check-in type or status to simplify your search. Click on the Edit button.

Check-in Landing

  1. Inside the check-in update screen, click on the Submissions tab. This is where you can manage and view submissions. You have the option to view submissions within a specific date range, select which columns of information you want to see, and examine the details of your team members' responses.

Check-in Submissions

In Slack and Email:

Whenever your team submits a check-in, their responses are shared in either a Slack Thread or an Email thread, depending on your configuration. These responses are automatically sent to the designated Slack channel or email recipients in real-time. You can configure this behavior in the "Reports" section when creating or updating your check-in.

Checkin Setup Report