Manage Reports

Configuring the Hatica Reports

Head over to the Reports page and click on “Create new report +” button. This opens a popup that guides you through the 4 simple steps to create a report.

Step 1: Choose the team and the repositories that are to be included in this report.

Step 2: Select all the metrics you wish to see in this report.

Step 3: Configure the Schedule. Reports can be sent Daily, weekly, or monthly at a time of your choosing.

Step 4: Finally, configure the destinations where you wish to see your reports (Email or Slack — in case of slack, please choose the channel(s) or select the user(s) to send the reports directly to them).

Editing the Hatica Reports

Step 1: Head over to the Reports page and choose the report that you wish to Edit.

Step 2: Click the “Edit icon”

Step 3: Make changes in the report. You can change the:

  1. Teams (Only 1 team can be selected)
  2. Metrics (Multiple metrics can be selected)
  3. Schedule of the report (Select between daily, weekly and monthly)
  4. Notification Channel (Email or Slack)

Step 4: Once the changes are done, click on “Save and Proceed”.

Who are Reports for?

  1. Users with Manager access can create reports for teams.
  2. Users with Individual Contributor (IC) access can create reports only for themselves and cannot see reports set by others.

What can be monitored/ configured?

Various Metrics from various connectors can be monitored using reports. These reports can act as a single view for conducting discussion with senior levels.

Why Reports are Important?

  1. They help you quantify your success plan.
  2. They provide a data driven view of the gap between your desired target and your team’s progress.
  3. They give a holistic view of the data and help identify patterns and trends, which, is an important stepping stone for the managers to drive successful results.
  4. They indicate opportunities to refine internal processes and ensure to provide opportunities for team-well being.