Analytics Platform

Getting started with Hatica Analytics


Signup for your account by picking your plan from Hatica pricing page (opens in a new tab). Checkins and Standups are forever free in Hatica, no matter your team size!

Connect apps

Connect your work apps like Github, Jira as data sources for analytics. You can select from 1 to 5 apps here depending upon your use case.

Additonally connect apps like Slack and Teams to get notfications, reports and run checkins and standups using Hatica.

Wait for data import

Hatica will import your historical data upto 5 years (depending on your plan). It can take from a few minutes to a a few days depending on your data size and data history, but as we ingest data you will be able to start seeing dashboards and metrics with the data that is already imported.

Should you trust us with your data? Hatica is trusted by 600+ companies globally from large financial institutions and security software organisations, we are highly secure (SOC2 certified) and privacy sensitive. See more at our Trust page

πŸ’‘ While waiting you can setup async standups ahd checkins using Hatica, its free but powerful!

πŸ’‘ You can also head to Configuration and customise your setup, we suppoer deep customisation so that yu dont have to change how you work to adopt and benefit from Hatica.

View Metrics and Dashboards

Your dashboards are ready! Head over to Dashboards and Metrics to learn how to use, though many of the metrics are self explanatory.

Setup Checkins

Hatica allows your to run powerful automated standups and checkins via Slack, Teams and Email to complement metrics with team's input.

Setup Goals (Advanced)

Setup Goals to get automated alerts and reports to help improve your metrics