Prs Merged per Contributor

PRs Merged per Contributor

Average number of Pull requests merged for each active contributor. For teams, this is an average metric and for individuals this is an absolute count.


Computation of the metric

  1. Information regarding pull requests, such as PR status, owner and merge date/time is gathered from connected version control systems like GitHub or GitLab.
  2. The the total count of pull requests merged by a contributor within the specified timeframe is calculated.

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Dev Metric Grid

Use cases of this metric

  1. Use this metric to identify which teams/individuals are shipping code
  2. There is some sinusoidal behaviour in this metric as teams strive to merge more code closer to deadlines such as feature release deadline, sprint finish etc
  3. Remember to track the unreviewed PRs merged as well because that sheds light on the quality of the merge
  4. The metric helps assess the team's productivity and collaboration effectiveness.
  5. A higher count of pull requests created compared to those merged highlights that a substantial amount of work is in progress within the development pipeline. This disparity suggests that developers are actively initiating new tasks or changes, yet these contributions are still pending integration into the main codebase.