How to run async stand-ups with Hatica Checkins

Hatica Check-ins empower teams to run asynchronously by automating the synchronous process of running stand-ups that require all team members to be available at the same time.

Additionally, async stand-ups add additional visibility and accountability by creating a record of all updates automatically, and keeps all in the loop (when integrated with channels via slack, teams, etc)

Steps to create your first stand-up:

  1. Click on the Create a new check-in + button.

Checkins list

  1. You will be presented with a list of templates to get you started quickly. Select the Async stand-ups template from the pop-up.Alternatively, you have the option to start with a blank template too and design your own questions if needed.

  2. Configure your questions for the check-in - by default, the async stand-ups template has the three standard stand-up questions:

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What am I doing today?
  • Any blockers? You can add or remove questions and add as many as you wish.

Checkins list

  1. Schedule your check-in - Hatica check-ins provide fully fledged customizability of schedule for your check-ins. They can be scheduled as one-off, or daily, weekly, monthly, particular days of the week, or particular days of the month.

Checkins standups schedule

  1. Configure participants for the check-in - participants can be searched by name or role, and added. Additionally, their permissions with regard to the check-in can be configured from the same table.

Checkins standups participants

  1. Configure notifications for the check-in - this is used to configure when the team member should receive a prompt to fill in their check-in form.

Checkins standups notifications

  1. Configure when and where to send reports of check-ins - reports to be sent to a slack channel or email at a particular time on the days check-in is requested from participants.

Checkins standups report

That's it! Congratulations! - You've successfully created a standup using Hatica!