Checkins and Standups

Getting started with Hatica Checkins and Standups

With Hatica Check-ins and Stand-ups, you can say goodbye to time-consuming meetings and hello to a more efficient and productive way to work. Automate your team syncs and workflows, get valuable insights into your team's performance, and boost team well-being, all while being completely async.


  1. Smart Async Standups (opens in a new tab): Replace time-consuming status meetings with quick, asynchronous standups that keep everyone on the team aligned and informed. Hatica automatically includes activity from integrated apps like GitHub, Jira and Google Calendar, so you can get a complete picture of your team's work without any extra effort.
  2. Analytics (opens in a new tab): Visualize the submissions and data collected from your check-ins.
  3. Templates (opens in a new tab): Choose from a wide variety of templates to create new workflows quickly and easily.
  4. Local Time Zones: You can configure Hatica to send check-in requests according to each userโ€™s local time zone, so no one gets a check-in request at odd hours.

You can get started with Hatica Check-ins in three simple steps:


Sign up for a free account from our pricing page (opens in a new tab). Check-ins and standups are free forever in Hatica, no matter your team size.

Connect Slack

Go to the Connectors page (opens in a new tab) in your settings and connect your Slack Workspace with Hatica.

Set up your first check-in

Once you've connected Slack, you can start setting up your first check-in on Hatica. Hatica offers a variety of templates and settings to help you create check-ins and standups that are tailored to your team's needs. To learn more, visit our documentation on creating a check-in (opens in a new tab) or creating async standups (opens in a new tab).

Unlock Hatica's full potential

Hatica is a powerful engineering analytics platform that goes beyond check-ins and standups to provide AI-driven insights to help teams improve velocity, alignment, and well-being.

To learn more about the different plans and features available, visit our pricing page (opens in a new tab) or schedule a demo (opens in a new tab) with us.

That's it! You're now ready to start using Hatica Check-ins and standups to improve your team's performance.