Checkins and Standups

Getting started with Hatica Checkins and Standups


Signup for your account by picking your plan from Hatica pricing page (opens in a new tab). Checkins and Standups are forever free in Hatica, no matter your team size! You can pick a higher plan if you'd like to get access to powerful dashboards and our Gen AI features (in private beta).

Connect apps

Connect your notification app where you'd like to run your starytups. We support Slack, Teams and Email. Integration for more apps coming soon starting with Discord.

💡 You can also head to Configuration and customise your setup, we suppoer deep customisation so that yu dont have to change how you work to adopt and benefit from Hatica.

Setup Checkins

Hatica allows your to run powerful automated standups and checkins via Slack, Teams and Email to complement metrics with team's input.

Connect more apps (Advanced)

Hatica automatically attaches activity from your work apps to auto generate standup updates. We support dozens of apps like Github, Jira, Pagerduty, Google meet and more. See connectors to know how to connect more apps.

Upgrade to full analytics platform (Advanced)

Hatica is a powerful engineering analytics platform that does much more than run standups and checkins, upgrade your plan to unlock more features.