Submitter Response Times

Submitter Response Time

It represents the average time it takes for the submitter to respond to a comment by the reviewer on their PR. This metric is a good signal towards the cause of high rework time. It represents the average time it takes for a submitter to respond to a review. It is calculated based on both, response as a follow-on commit or just an addressed comment.


Computation of the metric

  1. The timestamp of the reviewer's last interaction, including comments, suggestions, or any other form of engagement, is recorded.
  2. The time when the submitter responds, whether it's a comment, code revision, or any other action, is captured.
  3. The time difference between these two timestamps is calculated to determine how long it takes for the submitter to respond to the reviewer's last interaction.

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Review Collaboration

Use cases of this metric

  1. Utilize this metric to identify submitters exhibiting prolonged response times and engage with them to understand the underlying reasons and work towards resolving any issues.
  2. It helps team leaders and project managers gauge how promptly developers incorporate feedback from their peers. A shorter response time suggests a more agile development process, where issues are addressed swiftly, leading to faster iterations and improved code quality.