Dixi Users Migration

Dixi Users Migration to Hatica Check-ins

Migration Process

  1. Click the "Migrate Now" button in the email you received.
  2. Connect your Slack Workspace with Hatica. This will grant Hatica access to your team's channels and users.
  3. You'll see a migration in progress screen. This confirms that the migration process has begun.
  4. Relax, our team will migrate your Stand-ups from Dixi to your Hatica account. This process may take about two days.
  5. You'll receive an email notification from the Hatica team once the migration is complete.
  6. Explore the features in Hatica at your own pace. You can view your check-in submission history and familiarize yourself with the platform.

💡 Pro Tip: Add the "mood check" question type to your check-ins! It's a fun way to get a quick pulse on your team's well-being with emoji options.

Invite Hatica to Private Channels for Check-in Reports

If you previously used a private channel for check-in reports in Dixi, you'll need to invite Hatica to that channel for reports to continue in Hatica.

  1. Go to your private Slack channel
  2. Type /invite @hatica in the message bar and press Enter.
  3. You'll see a confirmation message once Hatica joins. Invite Hatica to private Slack Channel
  4. Go back to the check-in details page on Hatica's dashboard to set the channel Select Check-in Report Channel
  5. If the you don't find the channel in the drop down after inviting Hatica, try a hard refresh.

Remember to save your changes by hitting the Save button.

What to expect after migrating to Hatica?

Once your migration from Dixi to Hatica Check-ins is complete, here's what you can expect:

  1. Your team will start receiving check-in requests from Hatica instead of Dixi. 
  2. All your Dixi submission records, from the beginning until the migration completion date, will be added to the Submissions Tab in Hatica.
  3. Hatica consolidates your check-in submissions and reports into a single Slack thread, effectively preventing channel clutter.
  4. Hatica offers Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for your check-ins! This means you can easily manage who creates, edits, and views standups.
  5. Hatica Check-ins uses web forms instead of Slack messages for submitting check-in responses. This paves the way for a bunch of features we're developing, like more question types for richer feedback, tagging teammates for better collaboration, and mentioning JIRA issues for easy tracking. 


Hatica Check-in includes everything you love about Dixi, plus a ton of new features that all our users have been asking for, like:

  1. Submissions Tab: You can easily access and review all check-in submissions on the Hatica Dashboard. While migrating, we also back-fill all the check-in submissions your team has done over the time on Dixi.
  2. Analytics: Visualize the submissions and data collected from your check-ins.
  3. Pre-filled Templates: Utilize templates designed specifically for SCRUM software teams, including Sprint Retrospectives and Mood Checks.
  4. Custom check-ins: Tailor check-ins to fit your team's specific needs and workflows.
  5. Activity Log Dashboard: Gain a centralized view of your team's activity by integrating Hatica with popular VCS and project management tools like Jira, GitHub, and ClickUp.
  6. Activity Attachments: Integrate your async standups with the tools your team uses everyday, enabling Hatica to automatically gather and display relevant activities alongside each participant's standup response. These activities reflect the work completed during the previous check-in period, providing a comprehensive overview of each team member's progress.