Reports FAQ

How can I configure a new report?

To configure a new report, you can go to “Reports”. Click on “Create new report” on the top right corner and Eenter the details. Once the details are entered, click on “save”.

Can I edit the settings of the report after configuring them?

Yes. Just click on the "edit" button to make the required changes.

Can I receive reports in slack?

Yes. Choose Slack as the destination and then select the channel(s) to which you'd like to receive this report in.

Can I set different reports for different teams ?

Yes, you can create any number of reports and select the teams as per your requirements.

How can I disable a report?

You can disable a report by clicking on the "bell" icon.

How can I set the frequency of the reports?

You can set the frequency of the report while creating it. To change the frequency of an already existing report, click on "edit" option of the report to make the changes.

How to select different metrics for different types of reports?

You can select different metrics by going to Reports >> Create new report >> Select metrics and save.

What is the difference between deleting and disabling a report?

"Deleting a report", means it will be wiped out of Hatica and you need to reconfigure it in case you wish to use it again. On the other hand "disabling a report" means that the report is only paused from sending metrics to your inbox/slack until it is re-enabled again for usage.

Where can I receive my reports?

Hatica Reports are one-off or recurring reports sent to Slack, Teams or Email about metrics.

Notification channels for reports:

Currently, we support 2 notification channels for reports.

  1. Email --- The reports configured will be sent as email digests to all the emails entered while creating the report
  2. Slack --- The reports configured will be sent as slack bot message digests to all the user(s) and channel(s) entered while creating the report.