Change Failure Rate

Change Failure Rate

Hatica DORA Change Failure Rate

Change failure rate gives the percentage of deployments which result in degraded service and subsequently require remediation (hotfix, rollback, patch, etc).

This metric is configurable under (opens in a new tab) and currently supports either a PR label Regex or a PR title Regex to recognise PRs containing the fix for a recent failure

App inputs to this metric:

CI-CD tools

Range points and what they mean:

The DORA performance grades for Change failure rate are:

  1. Elite - Between 0-15%

  2. High - Between 16-30%

  3. Medium - Between 31-45%

  4. Low - Between 46-60%

Use cases:

  1. Understand how likely a release is going to break and plan releases accordingly

  2. Identify projects, PRs, etc that have repeatedly resulted in Failures and conduct RCAs

Some more References: (opens in a new tab)