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Project Delivery Overview

Project Delivery Overview

This dashboard provides you top level of view of delivery metrics across sub-orgs, teams and projects to identify delivery velocity, sprint health and effort breakdown.

Hover over the (i) icon next to the metrics to get a quick definition of the metrics. You can find more details in this document below.

This dashboard is in beta right now and if you'd like to take it for a spin, please reach out to us via email or in-app chat and we'd be happy to get you setup.

Video walkthrough

Filters available for this dashboard

  1. Duration filter: Helps you filter data for the desired duration.

  2. Effort Measure: Measure for the effort spent, either story points or issue count.

  3. View By:

    1. Sub-organisation

    2. Managed Team

    3. Custom Team

    4. Projects

    5. Pod - (if enabled) A pod is a cohort of people, most commonly used to group people as teams.

Upcoming features

  1. Drill down into each project to get a detailed understanding of the trends along with what got delivered daily/weekly and in each sprint.

  2. View underlying data including issues and related work such us pull requests from Github.

Metrics in this dashboard

Effort type breakdown

This represents the distribution of effort (based on issues or story points as per selection) based on the type of issue including bugs/incidents/stories/others.

Types of issues are based on issue types in Jira or labels (configurable) in other project management systems like Linear, Notion and Github Projects.

Incident priority breakdown

The count (story points or number of issues/tasks based on selection) of Incidents resolved and their breakdown by priority is presented in this metric.

Incident source is either based on a user provided filter of tasks (for example, all issues belonging to a particular set of Jira projects) or from an incident management system like Pagerduty.

Planning accuracy

This represents the distribution of tasks/issues completed that were planned vs unplanned.

Based on your workflow you can configure what represents unplanned work. By default issues without any attached epics and/or missing story points are counted under unplanned issues, and everything else are counted under planned issues.

Promised vs delivered

This metric presents data about the efforts, issues, and/or story points that were promised and how many efforts, issues, and/or story points were completed during the sprint.

Promised efforts are any efforts, issues, and/or story points that were added to the sprint.

Any efforts, issues, and/or story points that were left in status done will be counted as delivered

Cycle time

Cycle time represents the average time it takes for a Pull Request in Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket etc to go from first commit to deployment.

Here, the average is calculated across all Pull Requests attached to the issues/tasks in the selected time duration.

Some Reasons to use this dashboard