Reviewer Reaction Time

Reviewer Reaction Time

It represents the average time it takes for a reviewer to respond to a comment by a submitter on their PR.


Computation of the metric

  1. All interactions made by the submitter on the PR are identified, including comments, suggestions, and any other form of engagement.
  2. The time when each reviewer responds to any interaction made by the submitter is tracked.
  3. For every interaction, the time of the interaction is subtracted from the time of the response to calculate the time it takes for a reviewer to respond.
  4. Once the response time for each interaction is calculated, this data is aggregated by computing the average across all interactions and their corresponding response times.
  5. The resulting average represents the "Reaction time" metric, indicating the average time it takes for a reviewer to respond to any action or interaction initiated by the submitter.

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Review Collaboration

Use cases of this metric

  1. Identify outlier PRs, reviewers, submitters to bring down the average
  2. Tracking reaction times allows for the assessment of individual and team performance in code reviews, facilitating targeted training or support where necessary to enhance productivity and collaboration.