Efficiency is measured in percentage is the difference between total lines of code merged minus churned lines of code divided by total lines of code. High code churn leads to a decrease in efficiency. Efficiency is a measure of how efficient the code contributions are. Rework, therefore, leads to a drop in efficiency. There are multiple reason why churn might be high including, the team is shipping functionality incrementally, change in requirements or inadequate understanding of requirements.


Computation of the metric

Efficiency (%) = ((Merged Lines - Churned Lines) / Total Lines) * 100

Dashboards where this metric is used

  1. Dev Metric Grid
  2. Dev Throughput

Use cases of this metric

  1. Measure coding efficiency by tracking code churn, helping teams identify areas for improvement and optimize their development processes.
  2. Efficiency being <80% consistently or over a larger time period is a cause of concern. It is normal to have 5-8% code churn so normal levels of efficiency are expected to be around 90-95%