Microsoft Calendar

Connect Microsoft Calendar (Outlook) Via Connectors

Hatica connects to microsoft calendar via Microsoft Graph APIs.

Go to Connectors

First, go to the connectors page, which can be found by clicking on the settings icon on the sidebar.

MS Calendar - Setting Connector

Add Connectors

In the connectors page, look for Microsoft Calendar and to connect click ADD CONNECTOR button in the Microsoft Calendar section as shown in below image.

MS Calendar - Add Connector

Consent to permissions with an admin account

Why admin account is required

Admin account is required to read all calendars of the employees of a company.

Scopes Requested

Following permissions scopes are requested via outh login page for microsoft calendar:

  • Calendars.Read: allows to read events in user calendars.
  • Calendars.ReadBasic: allows to read events in user calendars, except for properties such as body, attachments, and extensions.
  • Calendars.ReadWrite: allows to create and read events in user calendars.