This guide walks you through creating a developer app for zoom which will help you connect your Zoom data with Hatica.

Create a Server-to-Server OAuth App

Zoom - Generate OAuth App - Step 1

Create a Server-to-Server OAuth App from the zoom.us (opens in a new tab) marketplace here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/create (opens in a new tab)

Only zoom account admins have access to create the Server-to-Server OAuth App

Add a name

Zoom - Generate OAuth App - Step 2

Give it a name, make it identifiable that this is the app that helped you connect Zoom and Hatica

Add basic information

Zoom - Generate OAuth App - Step 3

Add basic information to the app (required to activate the app in zoom)

Grant permissions

Zoom - Generate OAuth App - Step 4

Grant the following permissions: report:read:admin user:read:admin and role:master

Activate your app

Zoom - Generate OAuth App - Step 5

Activate your app

Share credentials with Hatica

Zoom - Generate OAuth App - Step 6

Once you've activated your Zoom app, please share with your Hatica Customer Success Manager the following credentials of the just created zoom app:

  1. Account ID

  2. Client ID

  3. Client secret

You can find these details in the App Credentials tab of your Zoom app