GitHub Onprem

Github On-Prem

Connecting your Github

  1. In order to connect Github Onprem, we'll need these pieces of information:
    1. Personal Access Token: Here (opens in a new tab) is the official documentation for Github containing the instructions on how to create a Personal access token. We require the following the scopes to access the data:

      Github Onprem Scopes

    NOTE: It is advised to set the PAT expiry to the longest duration for a seamless experience.

    1. Domain: Where your hosted version of Github instance. If it’s hosted behind a fire please whitelist our ip addresses. Link
  2. Navigate to Connectors Page (opens in a new tab) and select Github On-prem.

    Github Onprem Connector Card
  3. Enter the earlier gather information in the form and click Connect.

    Github On-prem Connector Form
  4. Our system will verify the token and syncing will begin.


Q: How long does initial sync take?
A: In general it takes about a day. It depends on size of data/commits.