Azure Devops

Azure DevOps for Cloud and On-Prem

In order to connect on-premises version of Azure DevOps, we'll need three pieces of information:

  1. The names of Organizations in Azure DevOps you want to be processed via Hatica

  2. personal access token created in your Azure DevOps

For On-Prem Azure DevOps, please share the domain where your hosted version of Azure DevOps instance is accessible from with your Customer Success Manager.

Create a Azure DevOps Personal access token

Here's official documentation Azure DevOps on how to create Personal access token: (opens in a new tab)

Here are the list of permissions required by Hatica via the personal access token:

  1. vso.code (Code Read)

  2. vso.project (Project And Team Read)

  3. vso.profile (User Profile Read)

  4. (Build Read)

  5. vso.graph (Graph Read)