GitLab Server

GitLab Server

In order to connect Gitlab, we'll need the below information:

  1. Domain or IP address where the Gitlab server is accessible from

  2. personal access token created in your Gitlab

Its best if the admins of Gitlab generate the PAT since it would provide access to all repositories. If you want to see data for select repos, let us know and we'll consider only those!

Gitlab Server Connector Form

Create a Gitlab Personal Access Token

Here (opens in a new tab) is the official documentation containing the instructions on how to create a Personal access token: 

Here is the list of permissions required by Hatica via the personal access token:

  1. read_user

  2. api

  3. read_repository

Note: It is advised to set the PAT expiry to the longest duration i.e 1 Year from the date of issue for a seamless experience. If your Gitlab Server instance is behind a firewall, please whitelist our IP addresses present here.