Adding More Repos

How to add more Git repositories to Hatica?

Repositories you have access to Hatica is controlled from the Hatica integration within your Git provider (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Azure Devops, etc)

The moment you grant access to new repositories from, say Github, Hatica automatically indexes the data, and maps it to the relevant metrics and members.

Here's a guide for each Git provider:


  1. Head over to<org_username>/settings/installations (opens in a new tab)

  2. Login with the Github account you used to connect Github to Hatica with, if you haven't logged in already

  3. Find the Hatica app and click on it to open the details about the app

  4. In the repositories section, add more repos you wish to see within Hatica and click save.

  5. The data sync for these newly added repos might take a day or two to show up depending on the size and type of repo, but post that, it should be available almost in real time.